Daddy's Little Girl

Through the years, I've come to know
That little girls are special, especially mine.
They experience countless changes as they grow, yet
Daddy's little girls are one of a kind.
They wrap you around their little finger.
They know the weakness of your heart.
The bond formed between you and your daughter
can never be pulled apart.

Before you were born yet in Mother's womb,
I listened to your beating heart.
I asked God to make you healthy, to keep you safe
Because I was afraid.
In His perfect way, He molded you.
He made you special, then entrusted you to me.
As I've watched you grow, I've come to realize
How perfectly He answered the prayers I prayed.

I've witnessed the miracle of your birth.
I've seen your smile, felt your anger,
Shared your pain, wiped away your tears.
There is nothing more precious to me on all the earth
than the sound of your voice, one of your hugs, or
"I love you, Daddy" whispered in my ear.
You will never know how much you have taught me about life
As I've loved you through the years.

Someday a young man will come to steal your heart from me,
To share his hopes, his dreams, his life.
This is only natural, it's God's intended plan.
He only gave you to me for a little while, and
Now I understand that when I was young, and
I had dreams, all of them came true
The day you were born, when I held you in my arms, and
I knew Daddy's little girl was you.

Pat Canuteson
1993 All Rights Reserved


Framed 8"x10"
Framed Poem w/oval for
personal photo

Matted 8"x10"
Matted Poem  w/oval for
personal photo

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